Michael C. Warner
50 Phillips Circle • Waltham, MA • 02452 • 617-458-6331 • mike@mike-warner.com

Summary of Qualifications

History of building custom CMS solutions, adding e-commerce and other capabilities to existing products in a seamless manner, building custom web applications and programs to manage and perform frequent tasks, setting up backup and mirrored systems, and building custom solutions to integrate disparate systems. Self-motivated, resourceful, organized, results-oriented; quick to learn and apply new concepts and technologies, and able to work successfully both autonomously and as a member or leader of a team.

Technical Expertise
Platforms:Windows, Linux (Ubuntu, RedHat/Fedora, Debian, Gentoo, Knoppix), Unix (SCO), Mac
Languages:PHP, HTML, JavaScript, CSS, SQL, Regular Expressions, Perl, sh, bat, XML/VoiceXML, Lingo, C#, J2EE, ASP
Technologies:Apache, IIS, MySQL, MSSQL, Oracle, SVN, SSH. SCP, RSYNC, Sendmail, Nortel Norstar phone system, e-commerce, OOP
Software:Tortoise SVN, Cakewalk/Sonar, SoundForge, Photoshop, Sony Vegas, Adobe Premiere, Audacity, Homesite, Macromedia/Adobe Director, Flash


IT Director, MindEdge, Inc, Waltham, MA, June 2007 - present
Set up mirrored Fedora servers with ATutor LMS and customized it to handle multiple domains and simulation courses. Built custom dashboard application to monitor student/course activity and web services to push activity data to remote client CMSs. Developed green-screen and closed-captioning process for online videos. Set up and customized IT ticket system, Sugar CRM, backup servers, Nortel Norstar phone system, and office network.

Senior Programmer, MindEdge, Inc, Waltham, MA, June 2005 - June 2007
Senior Programmer/Server Administrator for database-driven websites and eLearning CMS, using PHP, SQL, HTML, and JavaScript/AJAX. Added new functionality and features to existing websites, built custom web apps for sales and course development/management teams, added new tools and functionality - including ecommerce - to the custom eLearning CMS, managed the Apache web servers and MySQL databases.

Web Software Developer, Harvard University, Cambridge, MA, Oct 2004 - May 2005
Developer/programmer for database-driven websites and content management system using PHP, SQL, HTML, and JavaScript. Optimized MP3 files for http streaming, edited and optimized graphic files for the web, added new functionality and features to existing websites, added new tools and functionality to the custom-built Content Management System, interfaced with clients to discuss new edits and features, scoped programming projects for time and resources.

Webmaster, Doble Engineering, Inc., Watertown, MA, Dec 2001 - Jan 2004
Developer/programmer, web server and web portal administrator using PHP, HTML, JavaScript, .bat, XML (SOAP), ASP, and SQL. Introduced e-commerce, created content management system (CMS), threaded forum, webserver log analysis (Webtrends), web portal, and website search engine. Custom-built content management system allows input of event data used for general events page and generates a Gantt chart of events/seminars. CMS also generates and emails nightly and weekly event registrant data spreadsheets, tracks event registrants individually or in a spreadsheet, and allows administrators to edit registrant data, void/credit registrant online transactions, generate HTML newsletters with sub-pages, and post other content for the website.

Senior Software Engineer/Localization Engineer, Wildfire Communications, Inc., Waltham, MA, May 2001 - Dec 2001.
Programmer for database-driven intranet application using PHP, Perl, .bat, SQL, HTML, and JavaScript. Built CMS which allowed users to search multiple fields by keyword, view and modify the text for the Wildfire system voice prompts in all localized languages, as well as listen to the sound files associated with them. CMS also generated programs and documents required for all stages of the localization process. Recording studio technician for voice prompts used in the Wildfire system. Unix/Linux-based Apache server setup and maintenance. Installed and configured software and localized packages on the Wildfire lab systems on the SCO UNIX platform.

Lead Web Application Developer, myEZsale.com, Braintree, MA, Aug 2000 - May 2001.
Lead programmer for front-end of interactive, database-driven web application and corporate website using PHP, HTML, JavaScript, SQL, XML, VBscript, and Perl, as well as training CD-ROM and Shockwave applications. Created a one-step dial-up application for remote clients to access e-commerce site, which provided immediate and continuous feedback on connection status.

Multimedia Programmer/ Instructional Software Designer, Feb 1999 - July 2002
Programmed interactive training CD-ROMs and multimedia software using Macromedia Director and various graphics and sound recording/manipulation applications for clients including Lexia Learning Systems, Nortel Networks, Global Knowledge, South Jefferson Central School, Learning Brands.com, and BostonBands.com.


Awards, Certifications, and Special Training

Foreign Languages

Fluent German, strong Russian, intermediate Spanish, working knowledge of French.